• Read one man's story about when his hummingbird didn't migrate.

    My Hummer Didn’t Migrate

    We recently received another email from a customer, “Mitch,” whose hummingbird hasn’t left his yard. Then another appeared. These are Anna’s hummingbirds and Mitch wanted to know how to keep them alive over the winter if…

  • Shop and attract the Pileated Woodpecker.

    The Pileated Woodpecker

    The Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes the Pileated Woodpecker as “nearly as large as a crow…” Wow, if you’ve ever seen one of these birds, they look way bigger than a crow! So, I had to…

  • 4697 Roosting box for your birds at

    Roosting Boxes for Birds

    Roosting boxes are an important, all-season addition to backyard habitats—and something that’s easy to install in your yard. Roosting boxes protect birds from frigid winter conditions, driving rain and windy nights by offering shelter that they often…

  • Make a brush pile to provide shelter for birds all year.

    How to Create Shelter

    When most people think of shelter for the birds, we think of birdhouses in spring and perhaps roosting boxes in winter where birds can escape cold, windy nights. Birdhouses and roosting boxes are wonderful additions to…

  • Learn more about wildlife certification here.

    Wildlife Certified Habitats

    Here we continue the series of videos produced by the National Wildlife Federation to help you learn how to provide food, shelter and water for birds and wildlife. You don’t have to view the videos in…

  • Attract more birds and shop

    The Brown Creeper

    The Brown Creeper is an interesting little bird that almost everyone has the opportunity to see. They’re found year-round in the northeast and west, and in the central and southern parts of the country during the…

  • Learn more about getting your backyard wildlife certified.

    Become Wildlife Certified

    Are you interested in helping wildlife and the environment? Does your yard provide food, shelter and water for birds and other creatures? If it does, the National Wildlife Federation has a program where they will certify…

  • Learn more about friendly Barn Swallows.

    Facts About Barn Swallows

    Barn Swallows are beautiful birds with a dark blue back, a reddish throat and a buff colored belly. Perhaps their most outstanding feature is their long, forked tail. Barn Swallows are found across the U.S. in…

  • Visit to attract birds.

    Create a Wildlife Paradise

    Urban sprawl and development are reshaping our natural world, and by encroaching upon and fragmenting their habitat, the homes of birds, animals, insects and other wild creatures are permanently lost each day. You can make a…

  • You can attract hummingbirds with flowers!

    Attract Birds with Plants

    Feeding the birds is the most common way to attract beautiful birds into your yard. Duncraft has thousands of bird feeding products to help you enjoy your birds! For all your bird feeding needs and wants,…