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  • Birds love our homemade snack crumbles!
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    Birds Need High-Energy Food

    Help Feed the Birds This Winter with High-Energy Crumbles Attract a Wide Variety of Birds to Your Yard with Duncraft’s Wholesome Crumbles CONCORD, N.H., Feb. 2, 2016 /Duncraft’s Wild Bird Blog/ — When we think of…

  • Our handmade Bird Seed Wreaths make the perfect gift!
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    Our Bird Seed Wreaths

    CONCORD, N.H. — With the winter holidays approaching, Duncraft owner Mike Dunn has gotten into the giving spirit by donating 1,200 handmade bird seed wreaths to the local Rotary Club for their annual Bird Seed Wreath…

  • Woodpecker Suet Shield Wrap Feeder 4468 at
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    Suet Shield Saves on Suet

    Duncraft Customer Regularly Saves 6-10 Times as Much on Suet Every Month CONCORD, N.H. — Duncraft owner Mike Dunn draws inspiration from everywhere and worked with customer M. Reed to develop several new bird feeders to…

  • Shop and attract more birds. Use Live Chat if you have any questions.
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    Live Chat on

    When a customer is on a website with credit card in hand, sometimes a simple, unanswered question can frustrate the customer and prevent a sale. Live Chat can help a company answer questions instantly and quickly…

  • Shop the 3115 Eco-Friendly Fruit Feeder at
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    Exciting New Machinery

    In less than a year, Duncraft has produced more new bird feeding designs than they did in the last ten years—thanks to an investment in a CNC Router. After almost sixty years of making bird feeders…

  • Attract birds with our Three-In-One Bird Feeder.
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    Three New Duncraft Exclusives

    Each Duncraft Exclusive starts when owner Mike Dunn says, “Hey, I have an idea.” The last few weeks have resulted in three excellent additions to our line of Duncraft Exclusives. Each product comes with a 100% guarantee for one…

  • Enjoy attracting beautiful birds with these feeders!
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    Seed and Suet Feeders

    Our CEO, Mike Dunn, has been busy. He’s created four new bird feeders for backyard birders! Let’s take a look… You’ll have no problem attracting birds of all kinds when you serve black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower…

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    300 Species in 24 hours

    When it comes to big birding news, we’re not ones to hold back. So please join us in welcoming Big Day 2014 by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. What makes this particular event stand out in…

  • Connect with nature for National Wildlife Week!
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    National Wildlife Week

    National Wildlife Week (NWW) is a week-long celebration of wildlife and the outdoors that aims to connect people with nature, foster awareness of the natural world and inspire stewardship throughout the year. The National Wildlife Federation…

  • Learn how to support birds by drinking coffee.
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    Save Birds by Drinking Coffee

    BOSTON, M.A. — Did you know you can help birds by simply drinking coffee? The right type of coffee, that is. Mass Audubon, a leader in bird conservation since 1896, has joined Massachusetts-based Birds & Beans®’…