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  • Attract orioles!
    Attract Birds

    Attracting Orioles

    Orioles are one of the most colorful of our summer songbirds. It’s an absolute delight to hear and see these black and orange beauties flitting around the tree tops from early spring to late summer. If…

  • Shop to attract bluebirds.
    Attract Birds

    When Attracting Bluebirds

    The Eastern Bluebird is a small thrush with a big, rounded head, large eye, plump body, and alert posture. The wings are long, but the tail and legs are fairly short. The bill is short and…

  • Start attracting bluebirds!
    Attract Birds

    Attract and Enjoy Bluebirds

    Bluebirds are one of the most beautiful and desired of backyard birds. They can be found all across the country–and their names correspond to the region in which they are found; Eastern, Mountain and Western. Each differ somewhat…

  • Get started bird feeding!
    Attract Birds

    Getting Started in 5 Steps

    by Sundeep Kapur My quest to become a backyard birder started a few months ago.  I had read books & learned a little bit about birds – I wanted to get more birds into my yard…

  • Start attracting Purple Martins!
    Attract Birds

    Attract Purple Martins

    Perhaps no other North American bird has a more interesting association with humans than the Purple Martin. As early as the 1800’s, it was discovered that Native Americans had been providing the birds with hollowed out…

  • Discover this awesome little bird!
    Attract Birds

    Notice the Little Titmouse

    We see them all the time in the company of their close cousins, the chickadees, but what do we really know about titmice? While chickadees are constantly making their presence known with their cute antics, the titmouse…

  • Attract nuthatches!
    Attract Birds

    Attract Nut-Loving Nuthatches

    Nuthatches are charming little birds that you definitely want in your yard. They keep trees in good condition by eating destructive caterpillars, wood borers, beetles and other insects. And they’re fun to watch! They’ll keep you…

  • Learn more about charming chickadees here.
    Attract Birds

    Charming Chickadees

    The next time you hear a familiar “chick a dee dee dee”, listen closely, because a chickadee’s call can tell you a lot. Biologists have discovered that the more “dees” there were in a Black-capped Chickadee’s…

  • Read one woman's story about hand-feeding hummingbirds.
    Attract Birds

    From Brenda Kitchen

    Hand-feed your hummers… here’s how! Longtime Duncraft customer, Brenda Kitchen, recently sent us these amazing photographs of hummingbirds feeding from our Hummzinger Fancy while she held it in her hand! Here’s how she did it… These are…