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    Defending Your Bird Feeders

    Out of all the problems you may encounter while feeding your backyard birds, marauding squirrels are likely the source of your biggest headaches. If your bird feeder isn’t properly located or protected, then these critters can…

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    New Diversion Feeders

    Squirrels are so smart! It seems they love the challenge of getting your birds’ seed, and try every conceivable antic to land on your bird feeder. And they seem to like a challenge when it comes…

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    From the Squirrel Special Forces Team

    Here’s a funny customer letter! We got this a couple of years ago and posted it on our blog, much to our customer’s delight. A cute story, well written and deserves to be published again! Enjoy!…

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    Little Bitty: A Squirrel Tale

    Hi, This is a picture of my little friend. I saved her life almost two years ago. She was about to drown and I rescued her. She was so exhausted and frightened and she just sat…