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American Goldfinch

  • Male American Goldfinch in winter plumage

    How to Spot Migration

    When the temperature cools off, there’s often a sudden influx of bird activity. This is what fall migration looks like to the trained eye. While many birds flock toward the equator to spend the winter months…

  • The European Goldfinch is considered a rare bird in New York.

    Rare Bird Alert in Long Island

    “Please help me identify this bird – it was feeding at my Thistle Seed feeder, even upside down. Also, fed at the Sunflower seed feeder, too. The location is Long Island, New York.” – Charles Goodman, a.k.a. Professor…

  • Learn where your goldfinches went.

    Where Have My Goldfinches Gone

    We’ve gotten quite a few calls recently from anxious birders who are worried about a lack of goldfinches visiting their Nyjer seed feeders. After all, Nyjer seed makes up by far most of a goldfinch’s diet;…