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    Top 10 Bird Feeding Articles

    Still learning how to attract birds to your yard? Look no further. Here’s the list of our top 10 articles about feeding birds in your yard, as published right here on the Duncraft Wild Bird Blog. To…

  • Orchard Mason Bee pollinating a flower.

    Benefits of Mason Bees

    “For bees, the flower is the fountain of life. For flowers, the bee is the messenger of love.” — Kahlil Gibran Honeybees are considered “pollen gatherers.” A different type of species and native to North America,…

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    Benefits of Window Feeders

    Duncraft traces its beginnings back to 1952, when Gil Dunn invented what – for its time – was far ahead of the curve. It was the Flight Deck Windowsill Feeding Station, an innovative window feeder that…