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  • Learn more about friendly Barn Swallows.

    Facts About Barn Swallows

    Barn Swallows are beautiful birds with a dark blue back, a reddish throat and a buff colored belly. Perhaps their most outstanding feature is their long, forked tail. Barn Swallows are found across the U.S. in…

  • Start attracting goldfinches!

    Facts About Goldfinches

    One of our most colorful birds is the goldfinch. There are three varieties of these birds, the American Goldfinch, Lawrence’s Goldfinch and the Lesser Goldfinch. Male goldfinches are extremely colorful — primarily yellow with striking black…

  • Attract catbirds to your backyard with fruit. Shop for fruit feeders.

    Who Loves Catbirds?

    It’s not that you never see catbirds—I sometimes see them at the suet feeders or rustling around in low bushes, amid in plenty of cover near the edge of the yard. Whenever I see a big…

  • Learn fun facts about goldfinches!

    Goldfinches! Fun Facts

    Of all our backyard birds, the goldfinch is probably one of our favorites — simply because of their sweet personality and the male’s gorgeous, lemony color accented with black. Their color is so distinctive, they’re also…

  • Discover the Great Egret!

    The Beautiful Great Egret

    All summer long on my commute home from work, I had been seeing a group of Great Blue Herons in a marshy, beaver pond right off the highway. I was surprised that there were so many…