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  • Enjoy attracting beautiful birds with these feeders!

    Seed and Suet Feeders

    Our CEO, Mike Dunn, has been busy. He’s created four new bird feeders for backyard birders! Let’s take a look… You’ll have no problem attracting birds of all kinds when you serve black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower…

  • Cardinal starting to molt, while finishing up nesting season.

    Top 5 Gifts for Dad

    Father’s Day is less than a month away. But what do you get the man who has everything? Something that won’t take up more space in his house. Something that brings him happiness. Here at Duncraft,…

  • Shop for bird seed and more.

    Homemade Bird Snack Recipes

    Making your own food for the birds can be a pleasant pastime spent alone in the kitchen, or accompanied by children, who love making food for the birds! Most people are familiar with tying strings to…

  • Most birds prefer eating black oil sunflower seed.

    Choosing Wild Bird Foods

    Choosing the right bird foods does make a difference in the kinds of birds you attract—and how much you spend on your hobby. Some people ask, “Why pay more for seed from a specialty catalog or…