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  • Protect your birds from cats.

    Discourage Predators

    Wild birds, especially those at our feeders, are subject to many types of predators. Read the following tips and learn how to protect your wild birds against predators, including cats, hawks, raccoons, snakes and squirrels. Perhaps one of the biggest…

  • Learn how to care for the birds this summer.

    Summer Bird Feeding

    Written by our own bird specialist Nancy Schofield, who helps people find the perfect bird feeder in our retail store, learn about some of the more frequently asked questions about bird feeding during the summer. And discover…

  • Shop birdbaths and water drippers at

    Birdbaths for Your Yard

    Water is critical to birds! Birds bathe to keep their feathers in top-flight condition by removing dirt, oils and as an aid in preening. And they really seem to enjoy a good splash. Birds are particularly…