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    Birdhouse Infographic

    Please note, this article includes an infographic with information about “How to Choose a Birdhouse.” Scroll down to view the infographic.  Attract birds this nesting season When you’re choosing a birdhouse for your yard, there are…

  • Learn how to clean Duncraft Haven feeders.

    Bird Feeding Questions

    How do I clean Selective and Haven Feeders? Our Duncraft Selective and Haven caged feeders are not designed to be taken apart for cleaning. If seed has become compacted within the tube, soaking the feeder in…

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    Top 10 Birders’ Questions

    Duncraft has the answers to the most common questions bird lovers have about feeding birds in their yards. Bird feeding is the second most popular hobby in the United States—right behind gardening. Not only the largest…

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    Monitoring Bluebird Houses

    You’ve set up your bluebird houses for the season and you’re all set to just sit back and enjoy the birds that will inevitably settle in – right? Wrong, unfortunately, because if you leave your bluebird…