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  • The European Goldfinch is considered a rare bird in New York.

    Rare Bird Alert in Long Island

    “Please help me identify this bird – it was feeding at my Thistle Seed feeder, even upside down. Also, fed at the Sunflower seed feeder, too. The location is Long Island, New York.” – Charles Goodman, a.k.a. Professor…

  • Welcome to Duncraft bird feeding store.

    Thank You for Calling

    Here we are, proudly modeling our new Duncraft hoodies. We love talking to you and hearing your stories and bird adventures. We thought you might enjoy learning a little bit about us, too! Candas is a…

  • Photo by Ray Hennessy on

    Santa’s Workshop for the Birds

    I have a very clear image in my mind of what Santa’s workshop must look like, complete with merry elves and reindeer that drink cocoa while they work and sing. To an imaginative bird, Santa’s workshop…