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  • Attract waxwings this winter!

    Feed Fruit and Berries

    Many birds, such as catbirds, mockingbirds and robins, eat fruit and berries all summer long, while most other birds have a diet of insects and seeds. But strangely, lots of seed and insect eaters as well, start…

  • Shop the 4077 Eco-Oriole Fruit & Jelly Feeder at

    Our New CNC Router

    Duncraft has been a busy place lately, making lots of new eco-friendly products right here in Concord, NH. We’ve recently added new manufacturing equipment specifically for producing bird feeders and houses out of recycled plastic. The…

  • Attract catbirds to your backyard with fruit. Shop for fruit feeders.

    Who Loves Catbirds?

    It’s not that you never see catbirds—I sometimes see them at the suet feeders or rustling around in low bushes, amid in plenty of cover near the edge of the yard. Whenever I see a big…