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    Storing Mealworms and Seed

    How to Store Mealworms and Seed So you’ve bought plenty of food that will attract birds to your yard, but you obviously can’t put it all out there at once. What, then, are you going to…

  • Easy ways to keep your birdbath and other bird items clean.

    Easy Ways to Clean

    I really hate cleaning, but I love my birds and I know that harmful bacteria can flourish in and around feeders, baths and houses. So I developed a simple cleaning routine for myself that just takes a…

  • Start attracting hummingbirds!

    Attracting Hummingbirds

    Whether you’re attracting hummingbirds for the first time or just need a refresher, here’s a quick guide on how to attract hummers to your yard. When you’re attracting a new bird species to your yard, remember it…

  • Use a water fountain to attract more birds!

    Make Your Birdbath Sparkle

    Fun Ways to Make Your Birdbath Sparkle What’s nicer than a newly cleaned birdbath, filled with fresh water and sparkling in the sunlight? Well, having the water level just perfect is a personal issue with me, but other…