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  • Attract cardinals and shop

    Meet “Chip” the Cardinal

    We were delighted when one of our customers sent us photos of the cardinal in their backyard! Here’s what Jeanne from Gainesville, GA wrote to us, “I thought you might like to see how our one year old…

  • Shop squirrel and wildlife feeders at

    Friends from Coast to Coast

    We’re sending out a great big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers who send us pictures and tell us stories of the birds and other animals who enjoy the bird feeders, baths, and houses…

  • Female Anna's Hummingbird at the Hummingbird Feeder.

    From Dawn Winker Cusson

    We recently got this story from one of our customers, Dawn Winker Cusson. Dawn lives in the Portland, Oregon area where Anna’s Hummingbirds stay all winter. Enjoy her story! We had such a nasty blast of…

  • Read one woman's story about hand-feeding hummingbirds.

    From Brenda Kitchen

    Hand-feed your hummers… here’s how! Longtime Duncraft customer, Brenda Kitchen, recently sent us these amazing photographs of hummingbirds feeding from our Hummzinger Fancy while she held it in her hand! Here’s how she did it… These are…

  • Learn one woman's story about helping an oriole.

    Laurie’s Oriole “Baltimore”

    We own a Campground/Motel in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I had raised an oriole for 3 years. He fell out of his nest in the spring of 2002 and landed right on the ground in front of…