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  • Fun facts about squirrels!

    Squirrel Facts

    People watch and feed squirrels almost as much as they do the birds! Whether you think squirrels are adorable little fur balls or think of them as “tree rats,” squirrels are extremely interesting animals! Here are a…

  • Learn how to care for the birds this summer.

    Summer Bird Feeding

    Written by our own bird specialist Nancy Schofield, who helps people find the perfect bird feeder in our retail store, learn about some of the more frequently asked questions about bird feeding during the summer. And discover…

  • Special hot pepper foods deter squirrels!

    Hot Pepper Deters Squirrels

    Deter Squirrels with Hot Pepper If there’s one thing that will heat up a meal, it’s hot peppers! Whether raw, cooked, chopped, seeds in or out, the variety of hot peppers and the heat and spice…