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  • Shop to attract more birds to your yard.

    Weeds…Good for Birds?

    Weeds are commonly thought of as more or less the bane of gardeners’ existence. They crowd out the plants you want to see, steal vital food and water from those plants, and take much time and…

  • Learn why ladybugs are a treasure to have in your backyard!

    A Gardener’s Best Friends

    Ladybugs are found around the world, in nursery rhymes, folklore, toys, art and windowsills. They’re considered to be good luck charms, and gardeners know just how lucky they can be! Female ladybugs lay tiny eggs on…

  • Shop and attract more birds to your backyard.

    Planting for Your Birds

    If you’ve put out a bird feeder or bird house and are drawing lots of birds to your yard, you’re likely feeling pretty good about your birding successes. But you shouldn’t rest on your laurels quite…

  • Shop for butterfly feeders, nectar and more.

    Planting a Butterfly Garden

    Tips for Planting a Butterfly Garden Backyard birds such as orioles, cardinals and blue jays aren’t the only colorful visitors to your yard in the summertime. Butterflies are out in force during the warm months as…

  • Get your songbird sanctuary underway with flowers and water.

    6 Steps to Songbird Sanctuary

    from a brochure by the Wild Bird Feeding Industry This information is designed to assist birding enthusiasts in their efforts to attract a variety of birds to their property, as well as to serve as a…