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  • Photo by Ray Hennessy on

    10 Gifts for Bird Lovers

    Our 10 Top Selling Practical Bird Products for the Holiday Season With the temperatures dropping and natural food sources becoming scarce, we’re preparing our backyards to attract birds this winter. Once temps reach below freezing, your…

  • Attract birds instead of non-native birds.

    Our Satellites Attract Birds

    When it comes to feeding birds in your own backyard, you want the experience to be as pleasurable and as easy as possible. That’s where this dynamic duo makes your life easier and it’s all thanks…

  • Discover this new twist when feeding the birds.

    Gourmet Edible Treats

    Birds rely on the food we put outside for them because, once it gets cold out, food can be hard to find. Our no-mess homemade seed blends are specially formulated to provide high-energy ingredients to birds…

  • Shop for bird seed to attract Evening Grosbeaks.

    Welcome to Bird Feeding

    What’s more exciting for us birders than seeing a new bird at your feeder? The first time I saw Evening Grosbeaks appear at my feeder, and then come back with a fledgling a few days later—I…