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  • Provide food, water and shelter for your backyard birds this winter, browse

    Provide Food, Water and Shelter

    Provide Birds with Food, Water and Shelter This Winter and You’ll Likely See Baby Birds in Your Yard This Spring It’s January and the temperatures are dropping. Ponds and lakes have frozen over and there are barely…

  • Learn more about the fascinating American Robin.

    Robins in Winter

    If you live in the northern half of the U.S. it may take you by surprise to suddenly see a tree-full of robins in the midst of a frigid winter. The bird we associate with spring…

  • Being a bird is thirsty work!

    Being a Bird is Thirsty Work!

    Do birds need a source of water in winter? Before you answer that, eat a handful of crackers or pretzels and take a brisk walk outside. How thirsty are you? Aren’t you glad you have an unfrozen source…

  • Find the 4684 Squirrel Resistant Platform Feeder only at

    Start Bird Feeding

    Bird feeding is a hobby enjoyed by over 48 million Americans! And there’s little wonder why. Bird feeding is relaxing and exciting at the same time. You can watch the birds from inside or outside. You…

  • Make sure birds have plenty to drink this winter.

    Offer Ice-Free Water in Winter

    All creatures need water, and birds are no exception. Birds bathe in water to keep their feathers in top flight condition and to help keep parasites at a minimum. Songbirds extract enough water from the fruits,…