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  • Try making Eunice Miller’s Homemade Suet Recipe at home.

    Homemade Beef Suet Recipe

    Eunice Miller is one of our Facebook fans and loves feeding the birds. She recently shared her own homemade suet recipe with us, so you can make your own beef suet at home, too. Eunice Miller’s…

  • Make your own 100% pure suet recipe today.

    Pure Suet Recipe

    “I’ve heard recommendations lately to use 100% suet cakes (instead of suet mixed with seed or nuts) in order to attract more woodpeckers and fewer squirrels,” said Patrick Fetterman, one of our Facebook fans and a…

  • Try making this peanut butter suet recipe at home.

    Peanut Butter Suet Recipe

    Corky Walts’ Homemade Peanut Butter Suet Recipe This is a vegetarian suet recipe for feeding your birds. Corky Walts is one of our Facebook fans and decided to share her own suet recipe with us. It’s…

  • Shop for bird seed and more.

    Homemade Bird Snack Recipes

    Making your own food for the birds can be a pleasant pastime spent alone in the kitchen, or accompanied by children, who love making food for the birds! Most people are familiar with tying strings to…