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Miracle Mix

  • Feed birds' favorites with our Eco-Strong PB & J Feeder.

    Birds Love Peanut Butter

    By the time winter arrives, many birds have migrated south to enjoy warmer weather during these cold, and often snowy, months. When we feed the birds during this critical time of year, we often serve sunflower seeds…

  • Learn how to attract birds to a new feeder.

    New Bird Feeders

    Birds are creatures of habit and once they have found a reliable feeding source, they usually do not go looking for a new one. Be patient – it can take anywhere from a couple of days…

  • Pine Cone Ornaments

    Making pine cone ornaments is a fun family activity that you can do with your nieces and nephews. In fact, they may love feeding the birds so much, they’ll want to be a birder like their Uncle or…