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  • American Goldfinch perched on a tree branch

    Top 19 Articles of 2019

    Discover Our Top 19 of 2019 Backyard Bird Feeding Articles While we could’ve easily put together a Top 10 list of our most popular bird feeding articles, we decided to take it a step further and…

  • Attract waxwings this winter!

    Feed Fruit and Berries

    Many birds, such as catbirds, mockingbirds and robins, eat fruit and berries all summer long, while most other birds have a diet of insects and seeds. But strangely, lots of seed and insect eaters as well, start…

  • Shop the 4077 Eco-Oriole Fruit & Jelly Feeder at

    Our New CNC Router

    Duncraft has been a busy place lately, making lots of new eco-friendly products right here in Concord, NH. We’ve recently added new manufacturing equipment specifically for producing bird feeders and houses out of recycled plastic. The…