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  • Attract waxwings this winter!

    Feed Fruit and Berries

    Many birds, such as catbirds, mockingbirds and robins, eat fruit and berries all summer long, while most other birds have a diet of insects and seeds. But strangely, lots of seed and insect eaters as well, start…

  • Attract redpolls to your feeders and shop

    The Great Backyard Bird Count

    Give Mother Nature a valentine this year and show how much you care about birds by counting them for the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC). The 18th annual count is taking place February 13 through 16.…

  • Learn more about migration here.

    North American Migration

    What makes birds migrate?  It’s a fact that birds have an enormous advantage over all other creatures, simply because they have feathered wings.  When food is scarce, they can quickly travel to more abundant sources and easily…