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  • Shop the 4481 Bird-Safe® Bluebird House & Pole with Noel Guard only at

    Bird-Safe® Bluebird House

    Protect Your Bluebirds from Cats, Raccoons and Squirrels with our Bird-Safe® Bluebird House and Pole with Sharp-edged Noel Guard—Proven to Prevent Critters from Reaching into the Nesting Area, So Your Bluebirds are Safe! As you can…

  • Attract more birds with platform feeders.

    Best Pole-Mounted Feeders

    Pole-mounted feeders are the best Pole-mounted platform feeders are a bird watcher’s best kept secret. Pair your bird feeder with a baffle to effectively keep away squirrels and raccoons. Discover which pole-mounted feeders are out there and which one…

  • Shop the WSB Duncraft Eastern Bluebird House at

    Best Place for a Bluebird House

    There are so many factors to consider when you’re looking for a new home–a safe neighborhood, easy access to shopping, and not too close to the neighbors. Bluebird house hunters are looking for the same qualities…

  • Shop bluebird houses and more at

    Choosing a Bluebird House

    In nature, bluebirds choose to build their nests in cavities in dead trees. Pretty simple. Since we homeowners don’t leave too many dead trees standing in our yards, we’re lucky that bluebirds happily move into man-made bluebird…

  • Bring your bird feeders in at night to protect them from raccoons.

    Two Raccoons in Missouri

    We heard from one of our customers, Marilyn, who has raccoons in her backyard. Here’s the story in her own words.  First of all, I must admit to being a loyal Duncraft follower. I have always…