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  • Provide food, water and shelter for your backyard birds this winter, browse

    Provide Food, Water and Shelter

    Provide Birds with Food, Water and Shelter This Winter and You’ll Likely See Baby Birds in Your Yard This Spring It’s January and the temperatures are dropping. Ponds and lakes have frozen over and there are barely…

  • Attract juncos, or snowbirds, with white millet from

    Prepping for Winter

    “The great news in backyard birding is that the chickadees are already appearing at local feeders in good numbers!” said Nancy Schofield, a bird feeding specialist at Duncraft. “We can always count on the Dark-eyed Juncos,…

  • Shop the 4700 Duncraft Bluebird Roost with Guard at

    Instant Shelter for Bluebirds

    Provide Instant Shelter for Your Non-Migrating Bluebirds This Winter with Our Draft-free Bluebird Roost with Weather Protecting Guard, While Your Bluebirds “Sleep in a Heap” Together at the Bottom to Stay Warm and Survive the Night…

  • Shop bat houses at

    Attract Bats

    Bats eat the same insects that would otherwise interrupt your backyard birding pleasure. Therefore, they are the best friend of the backyard birder. Not only do they eat their body weight in insects, approximately 600 or…

  • Learn how to prepare your yard for winter.

    Prepare Your Yard for Winter

    On cold and blustery winter days, it’s sometimes hard to believe that birds can survive out there in the elements. Feeding seeds, suet and providing ice-free water for them helps a lot. But birds usually take…