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    Roosting Pockets Help Birds

    How do birds keep warm when it’s windy, rainy, cold or snowy? Birds use a lot of energy to keep warm under difficult conditions during the day and night. During the day, birds can constantly forage…

  • Tips to get ready for winter and care for your birds.

    Get Ready for Winter

    The falling leaves remind us northerners that it’s time to start getting ready for winter bird feeding! Here’s a little checklist to help you prepare for a magical fall and winter of backyard bird watching. Make…

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    Where Did the Birds Go?

    It seemed like a good idea on Saturday afternoon. The nor’easter was starting to wind down and a romp in the snow sounded like fun. I donned my trusty snowshoes and headed outside. I lurched along,…

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    Convert Your Nesting Box

    Winter roosting boxes are essential to help birds survive cold weather. Cold winter wind saps energy and warmth from birds, especially at night. Birds are able to lower their body temperature to conserve calories at night,…

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    Roosting Pockets as Shelter

    Roosting Pockets Provide Night-time Shelter for Your Birds with Protection from Wet Weather, Freezing Temperatures and Predators All winter long, a bird’s most difficult task is to continually forage enough food during the day. Most of…