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  • Cedar Waxwing eat berries with its feathers fluffed up, trying to stay warm.

    Birds, Migration and Berries

    Mention the word “migration” to almost anybody, and it will conjure up images of mass amounts of birds flying through the air to some far-off destination for several months. That much, assuredly, is true. Nearly 1,800…

  • Shop squirrel baffles at

    Defending Your Bird Feeders

    Out of all the problems you may encounter while feeding your backyard birds, marauding squirrels are likely the source of your biggest headaches. If your bird feeder isn’t properly located or protected, then these critters can…

  • Attract cardinals and shop bird feeders and bird seed at

    Why Is Birding So Popular?

    Without question, backyard birding is one of the most popular hobbies in America. An U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service survey in 1996 showed that 52 million Americans feed wild birds in their yards. A massive group…

  • Shop for butterfly feeders and nectar.

    Butterfly Feeding Tips

    Sometimes, backyard birders end up becoming interested in providing food for not just birds but other animals as well. Sometimes, as in the case of squirrels, this is in the interest of providing them with food…

  • Shop bluebird houses at

    Monitoring Bluebird Houses

    You’ve set up your bluebird houses for the season and you’re all set to just sit back and enjoy the birds that will inevitably settle in – right? Wrong, unfortunately, because if you leave your bluebird…