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  • Feed birds' favorites with our Eco-Strong PB & J Feeder.

    Birds Love Peanut Butter

    By the time winter arrives, many birds have migrated south to enjoy warmer weather during these cold, and often snowy, months. When we feed the birds during this critical time of year, we often serve sunflower seeds…

  • Attract hummingbirds with leak-proof feeders.

    Leak-proof Nectar Feeders

    7 Benefits of Dish-Style Hummingbird Feeders with Examples Why wouldn’t you want to attract more hummingbirds with less effort? The secret is a dish-style hummingbird feeder. Unlike pretty bottle feeders, which are a little more involved…

  • Attract more birds with platform feeders.

    Best Pole-Mounted Feeders

    Pole-mounted feeders are the best Pole-mounted platform feeders are a bird watcher’s best kept secret. Pair your bird feeder with a baffle to effectively keep away squirrels and raccoons. Discover which pole-mounted feeders are out there and which one…