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  • 3 Ways to Help Migrating Birds

    Orioles and other birds have started to migrate Many birds migrate thousands of miles south for the cold winter months and within a matter of weeks, reach their destination. For example, Baltimore Orioles migrate as close…

  • Enjoy attracting beautiful birds with these feeders!

    Seed and Suet Feeders

    Our CEO, Mike Dunn, has been busy. He’s created four new bird feeders for backyard birders! Let’s take a look… You’ll have no problem attracting birds of all kinds when you serve black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower…

  • Learn more about birds during the winter.

    How Birds Cope in the Winter

    It’s a common question among backyard birders – where do the birds that don’t migrate south for the winter sleep during those frigid nights? Not only that, but how on earth do they manage to stay…