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  • American Goldfinch at dawn among flowers File Aug 17, 3 19 07 PM

    My Wildlife Garden

    Observing the activity of wildlife in my garden has become a favorite pastime of mine and provides constant pleasure and entertainment regardless of the season. Writing about it inspires special memories! On Mother’s Day last May…

  • Photo of a Bald Eagle.

    An Eagle Named “Freedom”

    This story comes to us from Sarvey Wildlife Care Center in Arlington, WA. They were very kind and allowed us to reprint it. This story is about a very special relationship between a rescued Bald Eagle…

  • Bring your bird feeders in at night to protect them from raccoons.

    Two Raccoons in Missouri

    We heard from one of our customers, Marilyn, who has raccoons in her backyard. Here’s the story in her own words.  First of all, I must admit to being a loyal Duncraft follower. I have always…

  • Shop for squirrel feeders and more.

    From the Squirrel Special Forces Team

    Here’s a funny customer letter! We got this a couple of years ago and posted it on our blog, much to our customer’s delight. A cute story, well written and deserves to be published again! Enjoy!…

  • Read this cute squirrel story.

    Little Bitty: A Squirrel Tale

    Hi, This is a picture of my little friend. I saved her life almost two years ago. She was about to drown and I rescued her. She was so exhausted and frightened and she just sat…