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  • Attract bluebirds with the 4343 Duncraft Mealworm Delight Feeder and shop

    Offer Birds Insect Snacks

    All summer, both insect- and seed-eating birds eat enormous amounts of insects for the high level of protein they provide. Some birds such as grosbeaks, tanagers and many warblers eat caterpillars and insects at the top…

  • Learn more about the Western Tanager.

    The Western Tanager

    This beautiful, male Western Tanager would be easy to identify in the field, with it’s red face and striking black and yellow body. The female is a more yellow and gray and lacks the red face.…

  • Shop oriole feeders at

    Feeding Fruit to Your Birds

    Have you ever tried feeding fruit and jelly to the birds? It’s amazing how many birds are attracted to fruit—something that berry and fruit growers already know! If you have fruit and berry trees on your property,…