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  • Discover why bluebirds "thwap" against your window during springtime.

    Unusual Bluebird Behavior

    Why is this bluebird flying back and forth and “thwapping” against my window? Learn about this seemingly unusual bluebird behavior and why it’s happening. Kim Canning Smith recently shared the following two bluebird videos with us…

  • Start attracting hummingbirds!

    Attracting Hummingbirds

    Whether you’re attracting hummingbirds for the first time or just need a refresher, here’s a quick guide on how to attract hummers to your yard. When you’re attracting a new bird species to your yard, remember it…

  • This is how you get hummingbirds to stop fighting.

    Curb Hummingbird Aggression

    The hummingbirds are back! And now they’re fighting. Females and males are naturally aggressive and often defend their territory. You know they’re on guard when they’re hovering above an intruder, making sharp, fast-paced chirps, meant as a warning. Prepare yourself…

  • Shop for window decals to prevent birds from flying into mirrors.

    Birds Attack…Themselves

    Here’s What Happens When Birds Attack!…Themselves Accidental bird strikes on windows are a fairly familiar occurrence. What’s not quite so well-known, however, is a bird fighting what it considers to be a rival but is really…

  • Learn how to discourage certain birds at your feeders.

    Discourage Certain Birds

    Since pigeons are fairly large birds, small hanging feeders are the most difficult for them to feed from. Hanging feeders will tip with their weight and swing in the air, and if there is limited or…

  • Discover why woodpeckers drum on trees and metal!

    Drumming Woodpeckers

    Woodpeckers peck for lots of reasons — to find mates and deter competitors, to drill out nesting cavities and to find food. If you listen closely, you can tell what your woodpeckers are up to just by…