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    7 Summer Bird Feeding Tips

    Summer is a great time to discover new foods that attract more birds to your yard.  The arrival of warm weather means, for most of us, that the hummingbirds have arrived and a variety of colorful,…

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    Birdhouse Infographic

    Please note, this article includes an infographic with information about “How to Choose a Birdhouse.” Scroll down to view the infographic.  Attract birds this nesting season When you’re choosing a birdhouse for your yard, there are…

  • Learn how to care for the birds this summer.

    Summer Bird Feeding

    Written by our own bird specialist Nancy Schofield, who helps people find the perfect bird feeder in our retail store, learn about some of the more frequently asked questions about bird feeding during the summer. And discover…

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    5 Easy Tips to Help Birds

    Wild birds need our help more and more all the time. They are challenged to find food, nesting spots, and shelters in habitats that are growing increasingly smaller. Here are just a few things you can…