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  • Discover why bluebirds "thwap" against your window during springtime.

    Unusual Bluebird Behavior

    Why is this bluebird flying back and forth and “thwapping” against my window? Learn about this seemingly unusual bluebird behavior and why it’s happening. Kim Canning Smith recently shared the following two bluebird videos with us…

  • Read this article for Paulette's Super Gourmet Suet Recipe as featured on Ricky Montgomery's Wildlife Facebook Page.

    Paulette’s Gourmet Suet

    This is the exact recipe for Paulette’s Super Gourmet Suet Recipe, as originally featured on Ricky Montgomery’s Wildlife page on Facebook — now you can become popular with the birds, too, by making your own suet at…

  • Shop the 4783 Bluebird Sidewalk Café Feeder at

    Garden Bench Feeders

    “My extravagance is my garden – it’s the first thing I look at every morning when I wake up. It gives me so much pleasure.” — Ina Garten Nothing compares to watching the birds outside your window.…

  • Learn more about wildlife certification here.

    Wildlife Certified Habitats

    Here we continue the series of videos produced by the National Wildlife Federation to help you learn how to provide food, shelter and water for birds and wildlife. You don’t have to view the videos in…