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    Why Window Feeders

    Did you know? Window feeders are a safe, preventative solution for window strikes. Since the feeder is within two feet of the window, birds have a better understanding of the window and its reflection, so they are a lot…

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    Getting Kids into Birding

    On the surface, birding may seem fairly straightforward: you go out, you look for birds, you find the birds, you identify the birds and then call it a day. But it’s so much more than that,…

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    Squirrel-Proof Window Feeder

    Window feeders are a great way to bring birds up close for amazingly detailed views. But one problem with window feeders is they’re a squirrel magnet. Squirrels on window feeders make great entertainment for indoor cats,…

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    Benefits of Window Feeders

    Duncraft traces its beginnings back to 1952, when Gil Dunn invented what – for its time – was far ahead of the curve. It was the Flight Deck Windowsill Feeding Station, an innovative window feeder that…