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  • Discover why bluebirds "thwap" against your window during springtime.

    Unusual Bluebird Behavior

    Why is this bluebird flying back and forth and “thwapping” against my window? Learn about this seemingly unusual bluebird behavior and why it’s happening. Kim Canning Smith recently shared the following two bluebird videos with us…

  • Window feeders and CollidEscape both prevent bird window strikes.

    Eliminate Bird Window Strikes

    Birds fly into windows because they see the reflection of trees and sky and think the window is open fly space. Now with CollidEscape, Duncraft customers can make the outside of their window totally opaque while…

  • Discover how you can help birds by decorating your windows.

    Bird Safe® Window Decals

    Despite years of efforts by noted ornithologists, universities and others to bring awareness to the public, bird mortality resulting from birds crashing into windows continues to be an ongoing and escalating problem. Duncraft’s Bird Safe® Decals…

  • Shop the 2758 cardinal window feeder at

    Why Birds Fly into Windows

    Why is this cardinal flying into my window, car mirror or car bumper? Spring is here and once again, Duncraft is receiving lots of calls about a strange, but very common phenomenon–cardinals repeatedly flying into windows,…