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  • A Clear and Present Danger

    Birds are amazing creatures. They can navigate thousand mile migrations, build intricate nests, and fill our treetops with heart lifting song. There’s one problem, though—birds just don’t understand windows. Glass is simply invisible to birds, and…

  • Clear Birds' Eye View window cling.

    Window Decals: A True Story

    This is a letter we received from one of our customers who just couldn’t hold in their good news… Hi! I just wanted to drop a note about the window decals. They work beautifully! I haven’t had ONE…

  • Shop for window feeders and window strike solutions.

    Preventing Window Strikes!

    Windows, particularly large picture windows and patio doors, can pose an unintentional deadly threat to songbirds. Window strikes (as they are commonly called) happen when a bird flies directly into a pane of glass in your window.…