A few months ago we were contacted by an amazing young man with a well-developed plan for an Eagle Scout Project. We were delighted by the opportunity to participate in his project, and we hope you’ll enjoy this account from our special guest blogger: My name is Scott Nowaskey and I am a Life Scout in Boy […]


We’ve been getting a lot of calls about heated birdbaths not working. Once you receive your new heated birdbath, you may think it’s not working because it won’t turn on…yet the birdbath at this point is still indoors. This a friendly reminder of how thermostatically controlled birdbaths work, so you can rest assured your new heated bath is […]


Deter Squirrels with “The Best” Squirrel Buster Plus

Attract cardinals all year-round with the Squirrel Buster Plus bird feeder!

What does it really mean to be “the best” when it comes to squirrel-proof bird feeders? Is it defined by the number that are sold? The effectiveness at resisting squirrels? The versatility of how it can be used? Or is it something else? However you choose to define it though, it’s clear the best feeder […]

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Birds Need High-Energy Food to Survive Harsh Winter Conditions

Feed your birds high-energy Miracle Crumbles, only found at Duncraft.com.

Help Feed the Birds This Winter with High-Energy Crumbles Attract a Wide Variety of Birds to Your Yard with Duncraft’s Wholesome Crumbles CONCORD, N.H., Feb. 2, 2016 /ReleaseWire/ — When we think of feeding the birds in our backyard, we think of seed, suet and…Crumbles? Duncraft’s exclusive Crumbles offer a successful, field-tested method to feed […]

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What You Need to Know About Blue Jays

Blue Jays have stunning blue, white and black plumage!

The other day I was talking to my coworker about Blue Jays and it turns out his brother-in-law attracts a lot of different birds to his yard. And he also seems to live in the perfect place with an open yard and trees leading down to a river, so the birds have food and water […]

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How Do You Prevent Mockingbirds From Being Aggressive at Feeders?

Attract mockingbirds with peanuts.

We recently received this question about mockingbirds: Any ideas on how to stop or deter a bully mockingbird who keeps guard over an entire feeding station and chases off every single bird who gets even remotely close?! We’d like to mention that the following bird feeding suggestions for mockingbirds are suggestions based on our experience […]

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Top 15 Blog Articles from 2015

Learn why birds repeatedly fly into windows and more with Duncraft's Top 15 Articles of 2015.

In the spirit of new traditions, here are the most popular blog articles from 2015: Why Is This Cardinal Flying Into My Window, Car Mirror or Car Bumper? Deter Squirrels with Hot Pepper! Where Have My Goldfinches Gone? Nesting Shelves for Cardinals Robins in Winter How to Keep Bees Out of Your Hummingbird Feeders Hummingbird […]

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Provide Structural Diversity in Your Backyard to Attract More Birds

Attract more birds with varying levels of vegetation.

Structure can mean a lot of things. In many ways, it’s so obvious that it’s odd to point out: of course birds need trees! What might come as a surprise, however, is the need for structural diversity. By providing high, medium and low level structures in your yard, you maximize the bird’s opportunity for safe […]

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Follow These Tips to Attract Chickadees to Your Yard

Encourage chickadees to eat from your palm using these tips. Only at Duncraft's Wild Bird Blog.

Listen to the chickadee’s call Chickadees are cute, agile and friendly; however, the next time you hear a familiar “chick a dee dee dee,” listen closely because a chickadee’s call can tell you a lot. Biologists have discovered the more “dees” there are in a Black-capped Chickadee’s warning call, the more dangerous was a would-be predator. Chickadees […]

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