Gift Certificates

December 19, 2014

You want your loved one to maintain the complete freedom to buy what they want…but you also want to get them something. Don’t worry! We have your back because gift cards are the perfect gift in this case. When you buy gift cards from Duncraft, we present them in an elegant looking package, so the […]


Super No Waste Plus

Top 10 Bird Seed Blends

December 16, 2014

At Duncraft, we take making bird seed seriously. As birders ourselves, we know that paying for debris and fillers that the birds won’t eat anyway is wasteful. We have gone out of our way to create custom bird seed blends that have been field-tested to attract a wide variety of birds, while respecting what’s coming out of […]


Gifts You Don’t Want to Miss–at Great Prices

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A lot of companies are creating Top 10 lists, ourselves included, and we figured we would highlight a few items that should not be overlooked as gifts this holiday season. It can be hard to shop for a birder, but we feel like these three items are fool-proof. Any birder would love these gifts! Here we’ve […]

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Top 10 Best Gifts

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People who love birds adore them all year round, so what do you get the birder who has everything? Something new, like our new and improved Tilt-Top Bird Feeder, or a high quality product they’ve been wanting for years, like the Squirrel Blocker. Don’t wait any longer to make the birder in your life happy. […]

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Photo(s) of the Day

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          Meet the Snowmen. Considered the life of the party, even when it’s snowy out, this couple of bird feeders attracts a large crowd. Give more joy with Mr. Snowman and Mr. Solar Snowman as a gift for your loved ones! NOTE: Puns intended.

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Air Conditioned Birdhouses

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When you’re looking for the perfect gift for the backyard birder who lives in a warm climate, look no further. Our “air conditioned” birdhouses are here! These birdhouses are cool–okay, “air conditioned”–because the color white, by its very nature, reflects light. This means when a white birdhouse sits in direct sunlight, it also reflects the heat, keeping the inside […]

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SwingArm USA Products

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Duncraft carries a variety of SwingArm hooks, each with a different length and weight capacity. Made with pride in the USA, each hook is crafted from galvanized steel for the most support when holding your beloved birding accessories. Click on each photo for more information. The Standard Mount hook has the longest outreach at 36 inches! Ferns will have room to untwirl their leaves and bulky […]

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Duncraft Carries SwingArm USA Hooks

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We’re excited! We’re now carrying the strongest hook available on the market. We’ve partnered with SwingArm USA to bring our customers the best hooks for hanging bird feeders, birdhouses, and more. Each SwingArm hook is made in the USA and comes with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty. We’ve included a couple of videos so you can see […]

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Which Birdbath Heaters are Hot Buys?

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You don’t want the water in your birdbath to freeze over, even though it’s freezing out. You have three options: 1) Add a heater or 2) a de-icer to your existing birdbath or 3) buy a heated birdbath. Your birdbath’s already frozen? Use this de-icer. Prevent your birdbath from freezing again with a heater. Thermostatically-controlled birdbaths […]

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Get Ready for Winter: Top-Rated Birdbaths

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When you’re buying a birdbath, you want one that’s accessible for many different birds, even when winter threatens to ice over the water. Make sure you pick a birdbath that works with your gardening landscape and meets a few basic criteria. Plastic birdbaths are your best choice for winter, since the material will withstand the […]

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