There’s nothing worse in birding than setting up food for your beautiful backyard birds and then watching marauding squirrels come by and steal it. One of the best-known and most effective ways to prevent squirrels from getting their paws on the birds’ food is by literally baffling them, through the use of a baffle. With […]

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Blue jays are hard to miss thanks to their distinctive blue coloration and plumage with black markings around the head and on the face. What may not be as apparent is that the blue jay has a crest atop its head. This crest is actually rather interesting, as its position indicates the blue jays’ mood […]


Duncraft’s Five Ways To Help Nesting Birds This Spring

It’s spring and already the chirps of winter birds have changed to songs that attract mates and define territories. Soon the migratory birds will be arriving to join them and beginning their yearly nesting ritual. Back yard birders can help ensure the success of the next generation of wild birds by providing five nesting-specific needs. […]

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The Benefits of Feeding Birds From Your Deck

You have a lot of options when choosing how to feed your backyard birds. Whether hanging it from a tree, sticking it on top of a pole, putting it on the ground or attaching it to a window, it should do the trick as far as attracting plenty of birds. One other way to feed […]

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February Bird of the Month: Purple Martin

If you see plastic gourds hung up in backyards, odds are that they’ve been erected for purple martins to use as nesting locations. But what you might not have known is that the practice of doing so dates back several centuries – Native Americans were actually doing the same thing before the Europeans arrived on […]

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Robins in Winter

If you live in the northern half of the U.S. it may take you by surprise to suddenly see a tree-full of Robins in the midst of a frigid winter.  The bird we associate with spring seems out of place and vulnerable, surrounded by deep snow.  But Robins often do remain in their summer breeding […]

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Create a Holiday Tree for the birds!

This year, why not decorate a special Holiday Tree for the birds with bird-edible ornaments and tasty treats? It can be a tree bare of leaves or a beautiful evergreen. Either way, bird trees look festive and charming in your yard and attract a lot of bird-attention! Although Duncraft creates new holiday shapes each year that […]

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What Bird Seed Should You Buy?

With all the bird seed choices bird lovers have these days, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to buy to feed your birds. What it really comes down to is, what birds do you most want to attract?  Some people love all the birds, some people only want to feed smaller birds, while others […]

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The Bird Behind The Call

Chickadees are often described as being the “feathered small boy of the woods,” and also of our bird feeder. Behind their unique, albeit simple calls, are complex creatures that are constantly on the move, much as small boys are around the household. The first time you hear the call of the chickadee, the high piercing […]

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Most Common Questions about Bird Feeding

  How do I clean Selective and Haven Feeders? Selective and Haven caged feeders are not designed to be taken apart for cleaning. If seed has become compacted within the tube, soaking the feeder in a bucket with a mild soap will help to loosen the seed so it can be brushed or hosed out. […]

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