Wild turkeys are a class of their own Not to be compared with the not-so-bright, domesticated Thanksgiving turkey, our wild turkeys are intelligent, wary birds with intricate courtship rituals and close family structures. The Turkey is our largest game bird and can be found in most areas of the U.S. The Wild Turkey used to […]


As many of you know, Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks to the things and people we are thankful for in our lives. While this may seem a rather large task to fit into one day, we like to focus on the things that are most important to us. There will be many thanks […]


Feed Fruit and Berries to Your Birds

Waxwing eating fruit, a necessary diet during fall migration.

Many birds, such as catbirds, mockingbirds and robins, eat fruit and berries all summer long, while most other birds have a diet of insects and seeds. But strangely, lots of seed and insect eaters as well, start to crave a diet of fruit in preparation for migration. Why do birds crave fruit? It seems that while […]

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Duncraft Donates 1,200 Handmade Bird Seed Wreaths to Local Rotary Club Fundraiser

Support local charities with the purchase of any Duncraft Cardinal Wreath now through December 31, 2015.

CONCORD, N.H., Nov. 23, 2015 /ReleaseWire/ — With the holidays approaching, Duncraft owner Mike Dunn has gotten into the giving spirit by donating 1,200 handmade bird seed wreaths to the local Rotary Club for their annual Bird Seed Wreath Fundraiser. The Sargent at Arms at Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club, Mike Dunn uses his resources […]

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How to Discourage Predators of Wild Birds

Mount your birdhouse on a pole, not on a tree, where cats are less likely to go after the nesting birds.

Wild birds, especially those at our bird feeders, are subject to many types of predators. Here are some of the predators you may encounter. Read the following tips and learn how to protect your wild birds against predators, including cats, hawks, raccoons, snakes and squirrels. Cats are predators Perhaps one of the biggest threats to birds, feral and pet cats […]

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Discover Why So Many Birds Love Duncraft’s Satellite Feeders

Duncraft's wildly popular Satellite Bird Feeders make great gifts for all the bird lovers in your life and for the birds!

When it comes to feeding birds in your own backyard, you want the experience to be as pleasurable and as easy as possible. That’s where this dynamic duo makes your life easier and it’s all thanks to Duncraft’s wildly popular Satellite Bird Feeders. These feeders spin a little bit every time a bird flies away with an […]

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Attract Birds With Suet

Duncraft's Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder attracts your favorite woodpeckers and more.

Birds are always eating to satisfy their constant demand for energy–and fat provides the most concentrated source of calories in a bird’s diet. That translates into energy for flying, keeping warm, nesting, raising young and foraging. No wonder birds crave suet! In fact, you can attract many more birds with suet than you can with […]

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What About Those “Pesky” Blue Jays?! Tales from the Duncraft Retail Store

Luminous Blue Jay soaking up the sun, while sitting on a tree branch.

Love them or hate them, that is the question! I would say the answer is a 50/50 split with our customers. As other birds have migrated out of the area, the Blue Jays make their presence known with their flash of blue, their loud call and their sometimes aggressive manners at bird feeders. Loud, huh? […]

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Brand New Airplane Bird Feeder for Kids of All Ages at Duncraft

Share the joy of backyard birding with a fun, functional Airplane Suet Log Feeder--great for kids of all ages!

Vrooom! Soar into the wonderful world of backyard birding with Duncraft’s new, field-tested Airplane Suet Log Feeder. As you can see, this Downy Woodpecker couldn’t wait to dip his beak into some fresh suet for the nutrition he needs to fly from place to place day after day. Suet is an important nutritional source for birds […]

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DIY Halloween Activity: Make Your Own Mummy Pumpkins [And Feed The Birds]

Birds love eating pumpkin seeds--right out of the pumpkin! This is a great way to re-use your decorated Halloween pumpkins.

Halloween is this Saturday. For many of us in New England, this is an exciting time of year because it’s getting dark earlier, we’re working on our Halloween costumes or helping younger ones with theirs and getting into the spirit of this fun, decorative holiday. What better way to spend the afternoon? We decorated pumpkins and the entrance […]

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