Big Day 2014 Mission Impossible: 300 Species in 24 hours

When it comes to big birding news, we’re not ones to hold back. So please join us in welcoming Big Day 2014 by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. What makes this particular event stand out in the birding world is its ambition: 300 species in 24 hours.

Big Day is no small feat for Team Sapsucker, considering they set a new North American record on April 25, 2013 with 294 species seen or heard within 24 hours.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a world leader in the study and conservation of birds. This year they are setting themselves up for success by focusing on the geographically diverse landscape ranging from southern Arizona to California, known as El Gigante, one of the most rapidly changing landscapes on Earth.

El Gigante is in desperate need of conservation action because of urban sprawl, habitat degradation, and drought, obstacles which may harm the bird diversity. Supporting Team Sapsucker on Big Day brings awareness to this area.

Big Day kicks off at midnight PT tonight. Can’t make it? Follow Team Sapsucker via live updates on Facebook. Want to get involved? Pledge per bird or donate. Proceeds directly support new efforts in conservation science.

Big Day




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