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The Watch Tower

4538 The Watch Tower Bluebird House protects your growing bird family.Everyone loves our bluebird house, The Watch Tower. But you had some suggestions to make it even better, so we listened. Based on your feedback, we added three pivotal features. You’re the first to hear about what we changed, as an exclusive for our readers right here on our Wild Bird Blog.

By the way, thank you

We value your feedback and are offering you a direct line to share your feedback with us and let us know what we can do to make our Duncraft brand products even better. Keep reading to learn about the new features and how you can submit your own feedback.

Based on your suggestions, we added:

  • Interior predator guard
  • Higher perches toward the back
  • Easy to clean flooring
Bluebirds watching their territory to protect their family on the 4538, The Watch Tower Bluebird House.

The new Watch Tower, where bluebirds can comfortably watch for predators.

The new Watch Tower is wonderful

The Watch Tower does exactly what it sounds like it does. Bluebirds sit atop the high tower perches to stand guard and watch out for predators. The new design is much easier to take care of, so you can get a no-fuss birdhouse to let you enjoy more time with your beautiful bluebirds. What a great deal.

This house features some of the best protection you can get for your bluebirds because of our added features. These new features, from the predator guard to the territorial perches, help bluebirds successfully protect their family from predators. Thank you for keeping their safety in mind.

Thanks to you…

The original Watch Tower was one of our bestselling bluebird houses and it’s only going to get better. Your feedback is invaluable to our designs and helps us continue to be the leader in backyard bird solutions. Thanks to you, The Watch Tower is new and improved and so much better.

I have feedback…
how can I share it with you?

Shelby is one of the folks in charge and she would love to hear your suggestions about any of our Duncraft brand products.

She has an open door policy and since you’ll be emailing her, you can contact her directly at

You can also contact us by leaving a comment right here on our Wild Bird Blog or on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we’ll make sure Shelby receives your suggestions. Thank you and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Happy Birding!

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