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Our customers agree, our specialty no-waste bird seed blends helped them attract more birds this year. Discover what you’re missing with these ever-popular customer favorites, including many bird feeding items only available at Duncraft. And attract more birds — with greater variety and more color — right in your own backyard! Make this your best year ever for attracting birds to your yard. Start by browsing our no-waste seed blends and more in our Top 16 Bestselling Bird Feeding Items of 2016:

    1. Super No-Waste Bird Seed Blend. Provide a “super nutritious and delicious” snack for your birds with this specialty seed mix. Features everything your birds love: peanut bits, sunflower hearts, cracked corn and Nyjer seed.
    2. Four Seasons No-Waste Bird Seed. An all-season favorite for attracting a variety of birds all summer, all winter and every day in between. Hulled sunflower hearts provide superb no-mess feeding with millet for your buntings and cracked corn for doves and sparrows.
    3. Black Oil Sunflower Seed. The universal choice for attracting every backyard songbird! With a softer shell than other sunflower seeds, chickadees and other small birds find it easy to crack the thin black oil sunflower seed shells open for an easy snack.
    4. Nyjer Seed. Your finches can’t resist this nutrient-rich Nyjer seed! Perfect for attracting charms of goldfinches to your feeders anytime of the year. To your delight, our fresh Nyjer seed also attracts redpolls, siskins, chickadees and juncos.
    5. Whole Sunflower Hearts. These whole sunflower hearts are hulled in order to provide the best value per pound with no waste, so you get the most “bang for your buck.” These hearty sunflower meats are 100% edible and are preferred, without exception, by your birds.
    6. Duncraft Handy Hooks. Now you can hang your bird feeder wherever you want! Each metal hook fits around a tree branch or hanging bracket, so you can hang your bird feeder where you can enjoy the greatest views of your birds. Features 15 pound capacity.
    7. Super No-Waste Plus Bird Seed. You asked us to put more peanuts into this Super No-Waste Mix, so we did! Eliminate clean-up time with hulled sunflower chips, cracked corn, peanut bits, Nyjer seed and peanut halves — to attract woodpeckers and more.
    8. Super Songbird Bird Seed Mix. The most versatile all-purpose bird seed blend because you can attract cardinals, chickadees, finches, grosbeaks, juncos, nuthatches, titmice, woodpeckers and others. Made with black oil and gray striped sunflower seeds, sunflower heart chips, Nyjer seed, safflower seed and even aromatic peanut bits.
    9. #1 Best Four Flower Frolic Hummingbird Feeder. Our bestselling hummingbird feeder because it’s easy to take apart for cleaning — even the bee guards snap apart! Includes an ant moat and perches for your hummingbirds to rest and feed.
    10. Hummingbird Nectar, Set of 2. A healthy mix of all natural, clear nectar to feed your hummingbirds, which dissolves instantly in water. Made with 100% sucrose, so your hummies can easily maintain their energy for breeding and migration.
    11. Fancy Finch Bird Seed Mix. These tiny, nutritious seeds fit perfectly in Nyjer feeders to the delight of songbirds — and bird enthusiasts — everywhere! Contains Nyjer seed, canary seed and millet to feed a variety of finches, as well as buntings, towhees and tanagers.
    12. Wild Delight Premium Bird Seed Bars. Easy to use bird seed bars! Available in four different flavors to provide a balanced seed, nut and fruit diet for your birds, while attracting a greater variety of birds to your backyard. The perfect gift for any bird enthusiast.
    13. Super No-Waste Bird Seed Blend. Satisfy your birds with this wholesome bird seed blend. Contains peanut bits, sunflower hearts, cracked corn and Nyjer seed with no clean-up. 
    14. Portal Protectors. Protect your birdhouse opening and prevent squirrels from enlarging the entry hole, so your nesting birds stay safe! Available in four different sizes to fit bluebird houses, chickadee houses, wren houses and Eastern and Western Bluebird houses.
    15. Duncraft Woodpecker Bird Seed Mix. Attract a wide variety of woodpeckers, since they love nuts! This fresh, aromatic blend contains shelled peanuts, sunflower hearts and chips, pumpkin seeds, cracked corn, peanut bits, pistachios, walnuts, pecans and cranberries.
    16. Duncraft Peanut Bits & Sunflower Hearts Bird Seed. Birds go crazy for this bite-sized bird seed blend, jam-packed with energy! Contains hulled peanut bits with sunflower hearts for the ultimate no-waste snack, perfect for attracting a variety of birds.

Which one of these bird seeds is your favorite? And what kind of birds do you attract? What’s the most surprising bird feeding accessory you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments. Happy Birding!

Written by Dawn Coutu

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