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    Two New Duncraft Exclusives

    Owner Mike Dunn has added several top of the line products to his original line of Duncraft Exclusives. Each house is made in the USA and delivers bird families with a safe place to live–for generations. Constructed from materials that…

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    Attract Bats

    Bats eat the same insects that would otherwise interrupt your backyard birding pleasure. Therefore, they are the best friend of the backyard birder. Not only do they eat their body weight in insects, approximately 600 or…

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    Do Ravens Like Cookies?

    The raven contemplates taking the cookies… In the meantime, Randy and Sandy in California decided to share their candid photos with us. Thank you! By the way, do you recognize the birdbath? As luck would have it, the timing…

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    Bluebird Eggs

    Look at the shade of those beautiful bluebird eggs! This photo comes to us from Gathan Graham in Norman, OK. Email us your bird photos at and they may be featured on our blog. Gathan just sent us…