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    Suet Shield Saves on Suet

    Duncraft Customer Regularly Saves 6-10 Times as Much on Suet Every Month CONCORD, N.H. — Duncraft owner Mike Dunn draws inspiration from everywhere and worked with customer M. Reed to develop several new bird feeders to…

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    Live Chat on

    When a customer is on a website with credit card in hand, sometimes a simple, unanswered question can frustrate the customer and prevent a sale. Live Chat can help a company answer questions instantly and quickly…

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    Exciting New Machinery

    In less than a year, Duncraft has produced more new bird feeding designs than they did in the last ten years—thanks to an investment in a CNC Router. After almost sixty years of making bird feeders…

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    The Watch Tower

    Everyone loves our bluebird house, The Watch Tower. But you had some suggestions to make it even better, so we listened. Based on your feedback, we added three pivotal features. You’re the first to hear about what we…

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    Woodpecker Feeders

    Woodpeckers are desirable birds. They eat bugs and help maintain a healthy habitat. These feeders will attract woodpeckers and deter larger birds like starlings. HINT: Especially the Upside Down Suet Shield Feeder. Watch the slideshow to discover all 9 new woodpecker…

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    The HUM-Button

    Become the hummingbird whisperer with HUM-Button™ mini hummingbird feeders. You can take these mini buttons anywhere to share the love and magic of hummingbirds. Now you can safely cross “Feed hummingbirds from the palm of my hand” off your Bucket…